Ground Lamb
Ground Lamb  1lb pkg $8.81                                                   Sausage 1 lb ground- Mild $8.86


Additional Cuts

Bratwurst   $9.44 pkg
                  Occasional*     Special order**   Holidays***


*****Rib roast (8 rib rack)  $16.42 lb(Available)        Loin Roast (not available)

*Bacon  $13.50                                                    *Riblets  $8.98 lb (available)






**WHOLE LAMBS $475.                                           **HALF LAMBS $250               


Leg of Lamb-Boneless/Bone In  $14.21 lb

Blade Roasts  $12.59 lb

Meat Market

From Our Farm to Your Table

All Natural Grown Lamb means Grass-Fed and Non GMO Finished. No Hormones or Antibotics in Feed.

Loin chops (Top Cut) $16.65 lb

Rib Chops $15.97 lb

Arm Chops  $13.50 lb

Blade Chops  $13.50 lb

Sirloin Chops   $14.40 lb


Shoulder Boneless/Bone in $12.59 lb

.Shanks-Front & Rear  $8.54 lb                                                Kabobs  $8.98 lb                                                           Spareribs $7.37 lb


 Liver  $6.30 lb                                     Hearts   $4.50 per pkg        Tongue  $1.79 per pkg                     Kidneys  $1.79 per pkg               



                                                                                                    Bones $4.50 - $7.20                                                                

Center Cut Steaks $13.04

Call 931-231-9398 or 931 722-7758 for appointment to visit the "The Lamb Shack"

Or to reserve your choice cut.  Prices are for on farm sales only and do not reflect 

   purchases made or ordered at the Nashville Farmers Market or orders purchased on line for pick up at off farm locations or shipping.  FREE SHIPPING AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASES OF $110. OR MORE ON 2 DAY AIR

Sausage Links  $9.44

           Stew Meat $8.54 lb

Sirloin Roasts $13.49 lb

Riblets    $8.98 lb